Export to China – There is a New Packaging Solution for You

Dec.17 – If you are going to export your products to China in 2014, no matter from the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany or Europe, there is a better and easier way to manage all necessary documents, consumer products promotion and logistics, till reaching the end destination in China, it’s all you need a package solution.

There is a growing attention to the huge consumer market in China. It is best time in 2014 for you to bring your goo quality products and brands to China market and reach billion Chinese Consumers. It is the best time to take the right action to bring consumer products (food, wine, beverage, fashion, etc.,) to China, there is a total package of service for the foreign brands to land in China at this moment.

How to reach Chinese consumers? For most companies are facing the challenges in enter into China market, reaching the majority Chinese consumers. Consumers is all about, exporting products to China without reaching the end the Chinese consumers would be useless and unprofitable business. China market is growing attention for importers, especially for importing brands products to China from Europe. China is a rapidly growing consumer market, and more and more companies and brands throughout the EU are looking for ways to develop its marketing, branding and communication that is relevant to Chinese consumers.

At this moment, there are more countries export to China their products, their brands, bring more business opportunities to the importers, especially increasingly more European products export to China, wine “Made in France”, shoes “Made in Italy”, watches “Made in Switzerland”, cheese “Made in Holland”, chocolate “Made in Belgian”, leather jacks “Made in Spain”, etc., European consumer products export to China is increasing along China economic development.

In 2013, there are a growing attraction for importing to China in terms of brands and quality consumer products, especially with “2013 World Brands China Import Fair”, there were 47 countries attend the fair; brought 500 brands coming from outside China there, among 12.248 visitors 7.559 were professional buyers. China market is showing more and more attractions for foreign brands and and products importing to China.

There were 22 companies coming from Italy which attend the “2013 world brands China import fair” included 50 brands of fashion, food and wine are “Made in Italy”; Brazil was the biggest attender, focused on effort to promote its key products, from food to medicine are all the best “Made in Brazil”; Japan brought some traditional consumer wine products which are popular items in China market; there were many more “made in Chile”; “Made in New Zealand”; Made in Malaysia”, etc.

There were more countries, brought their dynamic brands and products to China importers / distributors, professional buyers, more corporate logistic chances were formed for importing to China. Want 1,353,821,000 Chinese people to know your products? free online promotion is made available by chimport, to help you to translate and promote your brand all over China. Most international brand had no product introduction in Chinese, this is a new online platform to assist you to promote your brand in all over China. if you need such help, contact with DCCC or mail to: info@dccchina.org

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