China Wholesale for the Dutch Retail Sector 2013

This is a wonderful time of the year.  This marks the point for DCCC in supporting Dutch companies doing business with (in) China, particular in connecting China wholesale and small business in China to the growing Dutch niche market. For more info please mail to:

At DCCC, we want to state our gratitude, we are truly grateful that you give us opportunities to serve you, it has been a wonderful year at DCCC,  overall, the stability and growing demands for our services tells us that we were moving in the right direction. 2012 has been one of our best years, and again we want to thank you for that.

Looking ahead, Dutch companies (MKBs) all have the extraordinary opportunity of doing business in China, especially with China trading company in China-top-sectors, there are enormous China business opportunity in coming year. For some Dutch small business owners, wholesale from China is an attractive and right direction to go, and definitely the China electronics is a growing trading trend.

We have set targets for 2013 that both scare and excite us, and we are certain that by working in harmony with DCCC members and Dutch Chinese trading companies in China wholesale every target we set will manifest in form and right on schedule.

We want to encourage you to re-evaluate your goals for 2013 setting up business with (in) China, regardless of what your businesses with (in) China is, permit us to suggest that you stretch them,  add 10, 25 or 50 percent to them, if your old conditioning is telling you not to, you know you are in the right track. If you need help, there are China business consultants ready; there are detailed information regarding trading company China in specific sector ready; or you plan a Hong Kong business, even you are interested in China stock market; we will lead you toward a specific end, mail to DCCC.

In our subconscious conditioning where we are urged to reflect on the previous year and visualize the future year. We wish you nothing but the best for this holiday season and the New Year, more importantly making the amount of business profit you wanted in connecting with China wholesale and small business in China to the growing Dutch niche market in 2013.

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